Welcome, I am Francesco Mazzella, the founder of Talio Electric Bikes.

Do you remember your first experience on a pedal bike? Have you tried an electric bike?

My first experience on an electric bike was a revelation for me. Being Italian I suppose I was born on a scooter, and like most Italians, in the early 80’s, I was riding one at the age of 12! Fast forward to 2013 when I met Terry Sherry, at the time founder of the US largest e-bike brand, and today one of my best friends and a key member of our management team that has curated the birth and development of Talio Electric Bikes.

The day I met Terry was in sunny California, Newport Beach, and the first thing I did was test ride a fat tyre electric bike. Well, he told me: “Try it, you can even ride this on the beach!” Well if you have never ridden an electric bike before you will understand my scepticism. But I have to say that did not last very long.

Within minutes I was totally transported to being a kid again, I could not stop smiling, I felt the freedom of being able to ride the bike even up the hill with ease, and yes you could ride it on the beach!

Now Fast forward to 2021.

We are crowdfunding!

I wanted you to be the first to know. Soon, we’ll be launching a campaign on Seedrs, offering you the chance to buy equity in our business Talio Electric Bikes. That way you can share in our mission and grow as we grow.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit our landing page to join the priority investor list
  2. Fill out your details
  3. We’ll email you as soon as the campaign goes live!

We’re going places, are you coming with us?

Join the priority list

Here’s why you should join us :

E-Bike Sales To Grow From 3.7 Million To 17 Million Per Year By 2030

We’re growing!

Since launch, we’ve been working hard to build this business and deliver the best possible experience to our customers. Last 2 years, we saw 100% growth, and our community has grown to countries around the world. This is your chance to help us grow even further!

We’ve got big plans

And we’re not stopping here! The proceeds from this crowdfunding round will help us bring new products to market. We’re also expanding into several new European countries and investing in adding new members to our team so we can do even more. Your investment will help us do that.

Join the priority list

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog – feel free to share or reach out to me – Francesco@talio.co.uk