It’s impossible to ride a bike without smiling. Scientists would say it’s endorphins.

We call it happiness.

This is Talio life.

You want fun and freedom? Our e-bikes are designed for exactly that. E-bikes are a movement and Talio is here to get the world moving. Hop On.

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Changing lives one e-bike at a time ...

Latest Talio e-Bike Range

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Discover our locations

At Talio, we are on a mission to change lives, one e-bike at a time. There are 25 Talio locations all over Europe to welcome you, and we are adding new locations every year. Talio stores and their staff are passionate about Talio ebikes and they put their passion into helping you find the perfect ebike for your needs! Browse among the locations below. If you can't find a location near you, please contact Us or call +44 113 262 3352 and we'll be happy to assist.

Talio Leeds
Leeds, UK
Talio Brighton
Brighton, UK
Talio Bolton
Bolton, UK
Talio Windermere
Windermere, UK
The Lazy Bike Tour Co
Dublin, Ireland
City View Wheels
Cork, Ireland
action group GmbH
Grande, Germany

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